1. The calculation of total amounts has been fixed in subscription analytics
  2. In time analytics, the calculation of the total amount has been fixed
  3. Preparing for mysql version 8
  4. Improved filter performance
  5. Notes no longer have nested notes.


  1. Translation of mySQL to support version 8
  2. Fixed time calculation when selecting records
  3. Fixed financial calculation when selecting records
  4. Improved system for displaying statistics on clients and projects for the week


  1. When creating a task, the title is not pulled up from the general field
  2. When navigating through pages, the search field is not cleared
  3. In time, time is substituted in both the name and time
  4. Fixed a glitch in card substitution when spending
  5. Added map search


  1. Improved language switcher


  1. Fixed many small internal errors, which speeded up the application
  2. Improved main site design


  1. Improved system for switching post activities
  2. Minor style changes
  3. Fixed substitution of tasks to time
  4. A lot of work to improve the stability of the application


  1. Fixed file display system in the application
  2. Fixed ticket activity processing system
  3. Fixed category editing functionality
  4. Previews of recordings display the recording date
  5. The ability to edit an entry has been added to the time preview
  6. The ability to edit an entry has been added to the money preview
  7. Improved performance of filters in statistics
  8. Improved system for automatic category substitution in posts
  9. Added currency search in subscriptions
  10. Added hotkeys for quick filling forms in actions, ctrl-1 - money type, ctrl-2 time type, etc.
  11. Added description output in preview for subscriptions
  12. Added search for subscriptions when filling out data
  13. Improved work of the calendar in statistics
  14. Optimized display and sorting of categories


  1. Improved data protection
  2. Improved access system for CRM
  3. Improved design and positioning of content blocks
  4. In the records section, all records (notes, time, money, tasks) are now displayed en masse, and sorted exactly by their date, the action log will be transferred
  5. The Google login system has been improved, mail is no longer shown to other users
  6. The entry system has been improved, duplicate entries are now displayed correctly, and multiple entries can be made at once
  7. Added post preview functionality, to view the necessary information on a post, just click on it, after which you can edit it


  1. Added the ability to change text size in the application (available when editing a profile)
  2. Added functionality for uploading files and user avatars
  3. Now all users are displayed, but you can only view public ones
  4. The notification system has been improved, now if you gain access to a client, task, etc. You will receive a notification
  5. Added a content minification system, less information is displayed, but when you click on the + icon it appears
  6. Money search by name has been added
  7. Improved main page with actions
  8. Many other changes and improvements in progress


  1. Fixed user editing functionality for CRM
  2. Fixed a bug with page reloads when editing, logging in, etc.