u0life - moneys, times, task manager system

This is a simulator that can digitize your life, helping you manage your time and finances more efficiently.

Leave your exact mark in the history of mankind and look at your life from the side

Time tracking , Finance accounting system , Ticket system


Conveniently store all your activities in one place
Fill out in a couple of clicks,
Don't forget any idea
Don't waste any opportunity


Analyze your life in graphs
Based on the past,
build the future


Protecting your data from third parties
The ability to register in the system completely anonymously, using only a simple login and password
Ability to encrypt stored data using a unique and reliable encryption system
There are no metrics or tracking of user data
Additional protection systems

Main functionality


Many currencies and automatic conversion
Bringing all accounts into one currency and showing the total balance


Tracking how much, when and where to pay
Total amount and how much will remain at the end of the month after all payments


Dividing data into categories
Fixed categories to display even more interesting information
Your own, any categories


How much was spent where
How much was received from whom


How much time and what did it take
For a year, for a month, for a week


Which task took how much time
How much money was received for completion
How much time and money was planned for the task, and how much actually came out


Have an idea? There is somewhere to write down
Keeping a diary

Clients and projects

All information can be linked to specific people or organizations
Convenient storage of links, contact and other information

Who is it suitable for?

  • People with professions who primarily organize their own work process
  • For those wishing to develop financial literacy
  • For fighters against procrastination and those who want to learn to value and evaluate their time
  • For those who want to digitize, improve and automate their business processes





Business consultants


To the organizers


For photographers


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